Sunday, September 25, 2011

Maggie...IN ACTION!

This is my dog. Her name is Maggie. 

She is the strangest dog you will ever meet. She acts like a human, and tries to talk to us so much! At night when she wants a treat, she will grab her towel and whip it around the room. Sometimes she'll just drag it over to one of us and stare at us. Literally it's like a staring contest. What kind of dog makes long eye contact like that? What a weirdo!

But okay, I love her. She is hilarious. Sometimes my sister and I will dress her up or take funny pictures of her. This just happened to be on my phone from last Christmas. (Notice the bow on her head.) We always try to get strange action shots of Maggie. These are some of our best yet! Wouldn't you agree?

Exhibit B. Just chewin' on her bone. RAWR!

And, oh. I suppose I should show you a picture of what she's actually like. You know, just so you don't think my dog is like a crazy, rabid beast with glowing eyes. That kind of thing can scare some people.

What a cutie! She always makes my day!

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