Sunday, April 24, 2011


Most of us are familiar with TOMS. If you're not familiar with them, they are shoes you can order online that are sold for a good cause. For every pair of Toms you order, the company sends another pair of shoes to a poverty-stricken area of the world. The company started in 2006, and they are a growing trend.

These, on the other hand, are BOBS. Bobs are made by Sketchers, and they boast that they "Help the World." They sell for about the same price and they look...well, EXACTLY. LIKE. TOMS. They started selling them just recently.

It amazes me what people do sometimes. It gave me a good laugh at the shoe store, though. And it kind of made my day.

Netherlands, Malaysia, Iran, OH MY!

I love that handy little "Stats Button" that shows you views on your blog and from what website or country they came from. How neat is it that someone from Iran, Russia, Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia and...well Canada (that's pretty close to where I live, so it's not that neat I guess)...viewed this blog. I mean, is this for real? This is crazy! It is just so cool that people from all around the world could be reading these words that I am typing right now! Oh, I just can't get over this! WOW!

Thank you, international followers! And please, don't be afraid to leave a comment! (I speak a little español, if that helps?) I hope you all have a fantastic day, because you all just made mine great! : )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slug Bug Twin!

This is Bertie. I got her a few months ago from some British people living in the US, moving to Switzerland. They had English accents, and therefore I call Bertie by her British-accented name: "Berh-tea!"

Last week while driving home from school, another identical lime green vw bug was coming from the opposite direction. I thought, hm...a car just like mine! Well as they got closer, I saw two girls in the car frantically waving at me! It's my twin car! I waved back.

A moment as little as this made me smile. It made a boring day just a little bit more exciting. And that's why this moment just completely made my day.

Tennis Ball Game

Again, during our annual college concert, we had a break right before the show. All the students went out the back door into a large square-shaped ally, with tall brick buildings surrounding us.  Apparently someone brought a tennis ball, so everyone started to throw the tennis ball to some of the students who ran up to the top of a building. They would throw it down, and whoever caught it would try to bounce it off a wall and throw it back up.  Well this went on for about 20 minutes. Finally our teachers came out, and my orchestra teacher caught the ball. Everyone sighed, "Aww..." as if the game was over. Laughing, the teacher threw it back up at the kids.

Later, one of the students tried to throw it higher than everyone else, and it landed on the roof of another building. The game was over. But it was a blast while it lasted!

A Chase

At my high school, the band, orchestra, and choir put on an annual concert at a nearby college.  We prepare for months, and we rehearse for nearly four hours once we arrive at the college. While the choir was rehearsing, one of the band students ran up to the balcony.  The band teachers, who is a complete goof-ball/funny kind of guy ran up to the balcony and chased the band student. They hid behind chairs and kept peeking over quietly at the other, just like a cat-mouse chase.

A few minutes later, the band student ran out the door, the teacher chasing him. They came back through the door, the band teacher holding the student by his ear and waving his finger.  It was so, SO funny. And the best part? Everyone knew what was going on, except the choir teacher who was completely seriously conducting the choir during the chase. One of the best moments of the concert, by far. It made my day!