Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Chase

At my high school, the band, orchestra, and choir put on an annual concert at a nearby college.  We prepare for months, and we rehearse for nearly four hours once we arrive at the college. While the choir was rehearsing, one of the band students ran up to the balcony.  The band teachers, who is a complete goof-ball/funny kind of guy ran up to the balcony and chased the band student. They hid behind chairs and kept peeking over quietly at the other, just like a cat-mouse chase.

A few minutes later, the band student ran out the door, the teacher chasing him. They came back through the door, the band teacher holding the student by his ear and waving his finger.  It was so, SO funny. And the best part? Everyone knew what was going on, except the choir teacher who was completely seriously conducting the choir during the chase. One of the best moments of the concert, by far. It made my day!

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