Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day!

Yes, every kids dream! Snow day! Well, besides the fact that our school sent out the notice too late, so I actually drove to school, looked at my phone, then realized about five people had texted me that we actually didn't have school today...Other than that it is great! Today is get-caught-up-get-ahead-on-homework-watch-movies-bake-a-delicious-dessert day. Fun, fun!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My backpack is SO heavy...

When driving home from school one day, I decided to put my backpack in the passenger seat instead of the back seat. Every time I turned a corner, a little light blinked at me telling me that I was not buckled up! Well, I was! So I was so confused until all the way home. Then I realized, my backpack is so heavy, my car thought it was a person! Geesh!

There is one upside, I guess...I now have a funny story to tell!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Error: Printing Max. has been reached"

There was one week last semester where I had to do a TON of printing on the school computers. I needed to print out sources for a big paper for College Comp, and print out sheet music for our quartet's performance at a nursing home that week. So, added up, it was probably over 100 sheets of paper I had to print.

When I started to print another piece of music, a message popped up: "Error: the printing maximum has been reached." So, yeah...I think I was banned from printing for the next week or two? I thought it was pretty funny. And it completely made my day.

Argyle Sweater!

Walking down the hallways of my school, having a "Who can spot the most people wearing argyle sweaters" contest with my friend made my day. It's been a tradition ever since this Orchestra Festival in our area's conference. The contest originated there because of the masses of argyle sweater-wearers we spotted.  And now it's our morning ritual.

Today was a good day. I won the contest.