Monday, June 27, 2011

THIS Guide Made My Day

June 27, 2011 at 8:26pm, I recieved this text message from my friend Amy: "Laura, your life will not be complete until you view the youtube video How to Put Yourself Inside a completely raises the bar as far as guides go. It is pretty inspirational." Now let me explain.

Last summer, I was at a bonfire and I was telling my friends about how to make the perfect S'more. Jokingly, I said I secretly wrote guides in my free time and I was just publishing a guide on S'more-making. So, I decided to further the joke and actually write a "guide." It was called How to Build a Rock Cave. I don't know how to attach a document on blogger, but let's just say it was a pretty hilarious guide. Ever since then, Amy and I have joked around about writing guides and perfect guide topics. So that's how it all began. [/endexplaining]

So when she sent me this video, I knew it would be great. And it is. Amy and I now have plans of creating a blog of guides. I'll keep you all updated if that happens. ; ) But in the mean time, watch the video. It made my day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life's Simple Pleasures

Recently my grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer. But if there's one thing this little blog of mine has taught me, it's that even though sometimes we are given these horrible obstacles that we are forced to face, life is still pretty darn great. All these simple moments I have blogged about are some of the few things that have made my life great. Most of them aren't hugely impactful, but they still count for something.

I like to think that my grandma has had one great life. She has a huge family that loves her so much, and I hope her life was filled with simple moments that made her smile as well. I know she has made my day quite a few times, and I hope she would think the same.

Every once in a while, I'll try to make a blog post about one of life's simple pleasures. Today's simple pleasure: Laughing so hard your face hurts. My grandma Max has made me laugh so hard that my face hurt. Love ya, grandma.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aw, a cute little baby!

I stumbled upon this website called Fubiz - A Daily Dose of Inspiration. So I checked it out, and found this array of pictures of an adorable little baby sleeping, but in different poses and backgrounds surrounding it. It's very cute, trust me! It made my day! You can click on this link to see the adorable baby!

Above is a sneak peek of what I'm talking about! So CUTE, right!? : )

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little Español to my sábado

Last Saturday my family had a garage sale. Mid-way through the day a short, plump woman in her 50's or 60's came to browse at our sale. My dad overheard her speaking Spanish to her husband, and my dad told her that I spoke some Spanish. Her face completely lit up! She walked right over to me and started speaking Spanish:

"OH! Como estás?"
"Muy bien, gracias! Y Usted?"
"Bien, bien! Estudias el español en la escuela?"
"Si, pero solamente por cuatro años."
"AH! Hablas español muy bien! Oh, que bonita hija! Ahhh, bella, bella!"

At this point, she was smiling like she couldn't be happier! She kept touching my arm and calling me Bella and Bonita. She told me she was so happy that American teenagers are studying Spanish. She seemed so proud of me! She was such a cute little lady, and it completely made my day!

Finding BIGFOOT!

For no reason at all except for the presence of boredom, my family started to watch Finding Bigfoot, a new show on Animal Planet on Sunday nights. I'll admit I did get sucked into watching it. But hey, it was just too funny! The part that made my day was this commercial for the new show. "I do think there's a squatch in these woods..."