Monday, June 27, 2011

THIS Guide Made My Day

June 27, 2011 at 8:26pm, I recieved this text message from my friend Amy: "Laura, your life will not be complete until you view the youtube video How to Put Yourself Inside a completely raises the bar as far as guides go. It is pretty inspirational." Now let me explain.

Last summer, I was at a bonfire and I was telling my friends about how to make the perfect S'more. Jokingly, I said I secretly wrote guides in my free time and I was just publishing a guide on S'more-making. So, I decided to further the joke and actually write a "guide." It was called How to Build a Rock Cave. I don't know how to attach a document on blogger, but let's just say it was a pretty hilarious guide. Ever since then, Amy and I have joked around about writing guides and perfect guide topics. So that's how it all began. [/endexplaining]

So when she sent me this video, I knew it would be great. And it is. Amy and I now have plans of creating a blog of guides. I'll keep you all updated if that happens. ; ) But in the mean time, watch the video. It made my day.

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