Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little Español to my sábado

Last Saturday my family had a garage sale. Mid-way through the day a short, plump woman in her 50's or 60's came to browse at our sale. My dad overheard her speaking Spanish to her husband, and my dad told her that I spoke some Spanish. Her face completely lit up! She walked right over to me and started speaking Spanish:

"OH! Como estás?"
"Muy bien, gracias! Y Usted?"
"Bien, bien! Estudias el español en la escuela?"
"Si, pero solamente por cuatro años."
"AH! Hablas español muy bien! Oh, que bonita hija! Ahhh, bella, bella!"

At this point, she was smiling like she couldn't be happier! She kept touching my arm and calling me Bella and Bonita. She told me she was so happy that American teenagers are studying Spanish. She seemed so proud of me! She was such a cute little lady, and it completely made my day!

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