Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Lovin', Havin' a Blast

It's done. The first week of summer is done, high school is done, my life in the public school system of my district is DONE. Oh, except my education continues at the U of M Morris this fall! On to bigger and better things, right? I sure hope so. I graduated high school last Thursday, June 7th. It already feels like a year ago, and I can't believe it's all gone, just like that. I think the perfect word to describe this time of my life would be none other than bittersweet. Gosh, I can't imagine what I'll be like after I graduate college...

Just to update everyone, I started volunteering at my local library, shelving books and whatnot. It's wonderful. The two women I work with are just the sweetest stereotypical Minnesotans I have ever met. You know the kind of people that just make you feel all warm inside? I just met them for a few hours, and I felt like family. That just makes my day a whole lot better, and I'm excited to see what this summer at the library brings for me.

In other news, I'm completely enjoying my summer before college. The weather here in Minnesota has been gorgeous so far, and I've got a whole stack of books just waiting to be read. I hope you all are enjoying your summer as well. : )

Yes, these are my feet, and no, that is not a tattoo...
I got free henna at the "Senior All-Night Party"!

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